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Listings with Matty

I understand that people love video and they really like people who can be real. I don't spend a lot on equipment, just a phone, (I do need a selfie stick though) some other professionals in the industry like Licensed Home Inspector Thomas Hiscox and Real Estate Photographer Jason Page. I pay those guys so I can get homes listed and sold for my clients. I will pay for your the professional photos of your listing as well as pre-inspection for your property. These are things that need to be done before I can list any property and in my opinion are things that every agent should do for their clients.

Offering a high level of service and value to my clients is something that I am prepared and happy to do. I am planning on giving you an update on how quickly this home is sold when it hits the market (hopefully next week). I will pushing this video to Facebook, YouTube and other media outlets so I can notify real estate professionals in the area that we have a quality property for their buyers. Anything to help my clients get their homes sold and for the price they want.

You can get in touch with either of the two gentleman mentioned above right here.

Thomas Hiscox

Jason Page

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