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Good Chi, Good Coffee, Good People. #JaxEateries #01

For a very long time I have been talking about writing about local restaurants that I frequent. Obviously, being a Realtor and a Property Manager I travel around the city a good bit. I also consider myself to be a major foodie. I love to cook and try new places and if enough people say a place is killer, I am bound to give it a shot. So behold, the first ever Jax Eateries food blog, buy a Realtor, who happens to like food. We all have to eat right?

My first post brings us to Mandarin and a brand new local Coffee shop, called Good Chi. Located right north of Baymeadows road off of San Jose Boulevard. You can easily drive right past it if you aren't looking. I drive past it at least twice a day because its in between my home and my office. Anyway, I am not really a huge coffee enthusiast but something about this quaint little neighborhood coffee shop really makes me happy.

It is like Mandarins version of the Central Perk in the famous TV Show "Friends." The owners are happy to serve and always ask you how you are. The coffee is fantastic as they are also using a local coffee from Brass Tacks in Green Cove Springs. They make their own breakfast sandwiches and have some baked goods delivered each morning. Their lunch items are all from local health food store Native Sun. Nothing about Good Chi is snobby in any way, just a good place to grab your favorite combination of joe. It isn't jam packed with people and you aren't paying 7 bucks for a cup of overrated coffee.

It has a bar in the front of the shop and has very nice lounge connected to it as well. Great for meetings and getting some work done, I quickly am discovering its doubling as my second office when I need a quick pick me up. The lounge has a couple of nice couches and some tables to pound out some work or have a quick meeting. Every now and then you might even catch an impromptu piano solo done by the owners son. Inside the lounge there are even paintings from local Jacksonville artists, adding a unique flair.

Everything about Good Chi is hyper local and I am always supporting local businesses. Overall, Good Chi has good Coffee, with good people and by the looks of it, doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. After being open only one month it appears they have already got the attention of a lot local Mandarin coffee connoisseurs. If you are looking for a different place to go and have some morning beverages, check out Good Chi. You will thank me later.

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