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Renting with a pet: What to expect.

This is often one of the first questions a property manager receives. All property managers have their own opinion on how it is supposed to work. I have my own pet and I would be lying to you, if I told you he didn’t cause any damage. Because, whether we want to admit it or not, all pets cause some damage, regardless of size. The damage could be the smell that is left behind after a tenant moves out. It could be urine on the carpet. Could be chewed up window sills and baseboards. There are a variety of things that pets can cause damage to.

Some tenants think that’s why they pay a security deposit and don’t want to pay extra for a pet fee. Well, guess what? Humans cause damage too. They break leases, lose jobs, breakup with significant others, etc. Life happens. As a property manager, we have protect the owner and their investment so if something happens because of the pet we have that covered. If something the tenants do causes damage, we have that covered too. Trying to cover anything outside of normal wear and tear is our job and that includes pets. At ERA Heavener Realty, we charge a one time three hundred dollar pet fee, per pet, which is non-refundable. No pet rent or monthly. There isn’t a wrong or a right way to assess pet rent or deposits, just make sure that if you are renting your home, you charge for pets! If you don’t you are missing an opportunity to protect yourself from future damage. If you have any questions let me know at or feel free to call me at 904-574-1958.

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